Successful outcomes are typically the consequence of dedication and hard work. Adversity on the path makes you stronger and more motivated to achieve your goals. The inspirational success story of Anamika Joshi details her struggles with a debt of Rs. 50 lakh as well as her eventual triumph. 

Anamika Joshi poet

Early life

Despite growing up among many talented poets, authors, and radio performers, Anamika Joshi never imagined she would pursue poetry as a career. But after dedicating herself to poetry, Anamika changed her mind and chose to pursue her love wholeheartedly.

The family opted to move to Jaipur when Anamika Joshi finished her studies in the 12th grade due to his father's rising debt. Anamika has had a deep-seated fear of debt since she was a young child as a result of her encounters with it as well as her knowledge of its effects. Coincidentally, when she first started her company, she got drawn into a financial vortex.

Journey into Poetry 

She decided to follow through, and by using her writing to do so, she once more altered the situation. When she was 30 years old, she owed Rs. 50 lakh. Anamika finished her higher education at the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi. She then worked for an advertising agency for the following six to seven months before deciding to start her own company at the age of 24.

In 2009, Anamika started her own advertising firm with her business partner Tarun. The "Utpatang" company was jointly run by the two of them up until 2015. They produced things like posters and marks over their two to three years of running this business.

The team then decided to introduce branded merchandise for film production companies and musical artists. Justin Bieber and AR Rahman, two well-known musicians, have collaborated with her business. She was forced to take out a Rs. 50 lakh debt at the age of 30, according to Navbharat Times, after the enterprise failed.

They both decided to travel back from Delhi to Jaipur when their business faltered. Anamika moved to a rented house in 2018. After moving to Jaipur, Anamika began working as a freelancer. Her husband Tarun started working in the interim.

The Turning Point 

In 2019, one of his pals had organised a get-together for Mother's Day. The poem "Maa Tum Bhi Galat Ho Sakti Ho," which Anamika Joshi spoke aloud for the first time at this occasion, is her most well-known. One of her friends organised the Mother's Day celebration and asked her to perform a short performance in their honour.

His mother unexpectedly arrived at his home to meet her the day before the event. He wrote a beautiful poem as he was sitting and thinking about his mother's struggles. The name of Anamika's Instagram page is "Batto Ki Bakwas." Anamika made the decision to pick up writing again after paying off her debt.

Today, she is well-known as a "spoken word performer" in the online poetry community "Spoken Word Craft."


Anyone struggling to achieve their goals can find encouragement from Anamika's tale. It demonstrates how setbacks may be opportunities for progress rather than obstacles. She managed to pay off her debt and discover her true passion as a spoken word performer via perseverance and hard work. Her story shows us that it's never too late to find one's passion and carve out a successful career.

Her experience continues to motivate people to follow their dreams and overcome hurdles, demonstrating that the human spirit can overcome even the most difficult situations with willpower.