Imagine for a moment that you are 13 years old and that it is summer vacation. You need something to weigh it down while you attempt a quick fix to stick the shredded pocket of your jeans back on using Fevicol.You discover a cylindrical object that seems perfect in your home's garage.

When you press it down on your jeans for the third time in your bedroom, there is a blast.Malvika Iyer could see her blood splattered across her room; though her hands were missing, she was in no agony.

So much so that she noticed her legs had almost completely detached from her torso as she was being transported to the hospital in the family vehicle. and informed their uncle who was with them.

She fought despite having lost both of her hands in an accident when she was just 13 years old, and today, as "Dr. Malavika Iyer," she has set a remarkable example.

Unstoppable spirit of Dr. Malvika Iyer: From Tragedy to Triumph

Early Life

Dr. Malavika Iyer was born on February 18, 1989, in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, and she has always enjoyed playing. She was raised in the Bikaner region. A horrific catastrophe at the age of 13 profoundly altered her life. When Malvika was 13 years old, a government ammunition depot was located not far from her Bikaner home. They were unaware that the depot had already had a fire, which had left several bombs lying around. She went outside to do some chores and unknowingly took a grenade. The explosive burst just as Malvika was beginning to realise something, leaving her seriously hurt. She was hurt when she was taken to the hospital. Malavika, however, was left handless as a result of this event.

Turning Pain into Purpose

Malavika Iyer maintained her bravery despite losing both of her hands' front halves. During the surgery, the doctor made a mistake. One of her hands' bones got missed when she was sewing. Malavika would have had severe pain whenever that portion of the hand touched anything. However, she recognized the good in her life and decided to utilise this bone as a finger. She finished her education using this hand. She graduated with honours from Delhi University with a degree in economics. She then finished earning her PhD. Her entire PhD thesis was typewritten by her.

Malavika Iyer graduated with a PhD and went on to become a physician. She set an exceptional example for the audience with his passion. She started to find immense joy in seemingly minor things. When she realised this, things in her life began to shift, and she began to live joyfully and stress-free. Dr. Malavika Iyer then established herself as a motivational speaker. People are already calling her to request that she deliver a motivational message. Dr. Malvika Iyer is passionate about social problems in addition to working with people with disabilities.

Honours and Recognition 

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the president at the time, invited Dr. Malvika Iyer to inspire the populace and assist underprivileged youngsters. Not only that, but on March 8, 2018, President Ram Nath Kovind awarded Dr. Malavika Iyer the Nari Shakti Puraskar. Disability rights advocate Dr. Malvika is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. She is frequently asked to give motivating lectures by overseas groups. She has also won numerous accolades on a global scale for her outstanding work.

Spreading Positivity

Dr. Malavika Iyer lay on the bed for almost 18 months after the accident that caused her to lose both of her hands. She had to endure a great deal of discomfort as a result of having multiple surgeries on her hands. But despite all of these difficulties, she remained calm. As a motivational speaker today, she inspires others. Malavika teaches people a new way of living through her talks. Many people nowadays find inspiration in Dr. Malavika Iyer. With her dedication and passion, she has created a brand-new success story. We greatly appreciate Dr. Malvika Iyer's dedication and positive attitude.


No obstacle can ever stop someone who is committed to pursue anything. When someone is passionate about something, everything works in their favour. Her experience serves as a reminder that overcoming challenges is what defines strength rather than the lack of them. She has demonstrated unyielding perseverance and limitless optimism throughout her life, from the tragic explosion that claimed her hands at the young age of 13 to her amazing accomplishments as "Dr. Malavika Iyer."