There are several accomplished businesswomen on the list, including Jayanti Chaudhary, Vinita Singh, Isha Ambani, and Falguni Nayar. Almost every field, from fashion to technology, has seen the rise of women. One of these successful female business owners is Upasana Taku, a pioneer in the financial industry. She and her spouse started MobiKwik, which she currently serves as CEO of. 

Meet the woman whose Kashmiri ancestry gave her the will to make a name for herself in society, whose Gujarati college instilled in her an unwavering will to succeed, and whose very special Punjabi coming-of-age experience taught her to appear as a fearsome force in the face of adversity. The Upasana narrative is incredibly motivating for prospective business owners. 

Upasana Taku: From Quitting a Comfortable US Job to Building an INR 8,000 Crore Empire

Early Life

Upasana Taku was born in Gandhinagar and comes from a family of academics. Prior to relocating to Jalandhar to study a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at the renowned National Institute of Technology, she did her primary schooling in Surat, Gujarat. At Stanford University in the United States, Taku pursued an MS in Management Science and Engineering. 

Venturing into world of Business

For more than 17 years, Upasana has worked in a variety of sectors. She served as a product manager for the American payment company PayPal before launching her own company. She also worked for HSBC for a time. She first resided in the United States before moving back to India in 2008 to start her business.

India offers as many chances as it does obstacles, according to Upasana in an interview with Forbes. She recognized tremendous potential in conducting business as she had imagined, making India the ideal location for her aspirations. Her family disagreed with her choice to go back to India since they saw it as a risky move.

At the time, Upasana's parents were African citizens. Her mother was a violinist, while her father taught physics at Asmara University in Eritrea. In 2009, they went back to India. In order to launch a microfinance NGO specialising in rural areas in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Upasana left her position at PayPal.

Upasana and Bipin Preet Singh were introduced in 2008, and they were wed in 2011. Bipin contributed to the concept development of the MobiKwik platform in 2008. Bipin was dissatisfied at the moment, but he was unable to leave his employment. He was accountable for supporting his family. He gained the courage to quit his job and launch their own startup thanks to Upasana. They collaborated to launch their company in 2009. The pair, who were having financial difficulties, acquired their first office by the year 2013 before swooping in with a massive investment of $5 million. 

Financial Success

MobiKwik co-founder Upasana Taku asserts that the business began turning a profit in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022–2023. The company's objectives for the current fiscal year include tripling revenue and reaching full-year profitability. Today, MobiKwik is a well-known brand in the fintech sector. The corporation is valued at 80 billion rupees, according to the media.


As she broke the glass ceiling and created a new path for women in tech entrepreneurship, Upasana Taku truly came into her own as a strong techno entrepreneur. She had to overcome numerous gender preconceptions as well as financial challenges, but by harnessing her inner strength and receiving the best support from her husband, she managed to become well-known. The fact that Taku is a working mother of a 4-year-old boy is just another step in her drive to prove that women rule the world.