With her amazing story of grit and perseverance, Sudha Murthy—whose name is associated with philanthropy, writing, and entrepreneurship—has left a lasting influence on the world. Sudha Murthy, a living illustration of how determination, courage, and a thirst for knowledge can improve one's life and the lives of countless others, was born on August 19, 1950, in Shiggaon, Karnataka.

She is currently the chair of the Infosys Foundation, a recipient of the Padma Shri award, and actively involved in Gates Foundation public health care efforts. However, her journey from a small Karnataka hamlet to being the first female engineer hired at TELCO is itself a tale of overcoming gender inequity and preconceptions.

Early life 

When Sudha was a college student at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, she stumbled onto a job posting for the renowned corporation TELCO, which is now known as Tata Motors. According to the advertisement, the organisation is looking to hire young, motivated engineers with a strong academic background. The pamphlet's bottom, however, included a statement that caught the attention of young Sudha and broke her heart. Women Candidates Need Not Apply, according to the job posting.

Struggles faced in male dominated society

Sudha, who had consistently performed at the top of her class in every subject, could not overlook the ad's apparent promotion of prejudice against women. Sudha didn't waste any time in writing a letter on a postcard to JRD (Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy) Tata, the head of the Tata Group, expressing her rage.

Sudha received a response from TELCO within ten days, and she was called to an interview in Pune. The business even offered to cover her airfare and other expenses. Sudha's life was changed forever by the letter she submitted to the chairman denouncing the discrimination. Sudha became the first female engineer at the company when she was hired by TELCO.

Unwavering support behind Narayana Murthy success

Soon after joining TELCO, Prasanna (the worldwide CEO of Wipro), a mutual friend, introduced the bright and ambitious Sudha to the reserved Narayana Murthy. Following some family reservations, Sudha and Narayana grew close friends and, after convincing their parents, they married in 1978.

Without sufficient funds, Narayana was unable to realise his aim of founding the software company "Infosys" in 1981. At that point, Sudha, who was a pillar of strength, urged Narayana to pursue his goals and provided him Rs 10,000 to launch his own business. Today, Sudha serves as the foundation of the Infosys foundation, a nonprofit that aids the socially disadvantaged.

Philanthropic Endeavours 

Even when Sudha Murthy's career took off, her passion for charity and social action never wavered. She established the Infosys Foundation, Infosys' charitable organisation, in 1996 with the goal of advancing different social and cultural objectives. Under her direction, the charity has significantly supported rural development, healthcare, education, and disaster assistance.

Her dedication to changing society for the better has been unwavering. Sudha Murthy's philanthropic activities have impacted the lives of numerous people throughout India, whether they involved constructing libraries, sponsoring orphanages, awarding scholarships to deserving students, or supporting healthcare programs.

Recently, while the entire nation was battling the new coronavirus, Infosys Foundation gave an additional 100 crore to help the government and front-line staff fight COVID 19 in India. 

Literary Work

Sudha Murthy is an active corporate and humanitarian leader in addition to being a prolific writer. She has written novels, short stories, and children's books, all of which include significant lessons and insights about life. Her writing showcases her wide range of experiences, enduring morals, and compassion for the human predicament.


Sudha Murthy's life story is incredibly inspirational. Her struggles as a woman in a male-dominated field, her triumph over hardship, and her unwavering commitment to philanthropy have made her a great icon both in India and internationally. She has shown that success can be gained through pure persistence and the impassioned pursuit of one's ambitions, and that one's background or current circumstances need not dictate their fate.

The story of Sudha Murthy serves as motivation for people of various ages, social backgrounds, and aspirations. Her story serves as an inspiration for how anyone can overcome obstacles and make a positive, long-lasting impact on the world by persevering. The life of Sudha Murthy serves as a testament to the power of hope and the possibility for transformation that may come from one person's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.